Anatomy of a Dress Shoe


  • Collar – the opening site of the shoe to insert the foot.
  • Eyelet – punched out hole in shoe to allow inserting laces.
  • Counter – stiff material to strengthen the rear of the shoe.
  • Heel Wedge – helps lift the rear of the shoe.
  • Lining – the inner walls of the collar, in contact with the foot.
  • Outsole – most bottom part of the shoe, contacts with the floor/ground.
  • Midsole – sandwiched between upper and outsole, made of shock absorbing material.
  • Quarter – medial and lateral outer linings of a shoe.
  • Toe box – distal part of shoe that covers the toes.
  • Tongue – strip of material located underneath the laces.
  • Upper – covers entire part of shoe. This includes vamp and quarter.
  • Vamp – covers the top side of the mid-foot.
  • Welt – seen in dress shoes, rubber that connects upper and outsole.