Plantar Wart

Plantar wart or verruca plantaris is a small growth on the plantar aspect of the foot that develops when it is infected by a virus. Plantar warts occurs with direct contact with human papilloma virus. Some clinical manifestations for plantar warts are thickened skin, pain upon palpation, tiny black dots or blood. Sometimes it clears … Continue reading Plantar Wart


Chilblains are inflammation of blood vessels in your skin that is in response to exposure to cold. Chilblains mostly appear red, itchy, swollen, blistering fingertips and toes. Chilblains usually takes 2-3 weeks to get better. Rewarming hands or feet can alleviate symptoms of chilblains. To prevent chilblains dress in layers, limit exposure to cold and … Continue reading Chillblains

Anatomy – Dorsal View of Foot

1.1st Metatarsal 2.2nd metatarsal 3.3rd Metatarsal 4.4th Metatarsal 5.5th Metatarsal 6.Medial Cuneiform (1st Cuneiform) 7.Intermediate Cuneiform (2nd cuneiform) 8.Lateral Cuneiform (2nd Cuneiform) 9.Cuboid 10.Navicular 11.Talus 12.Tibia 13.Fibula 14. Distal phalanx of hallux 15.Proximal phalanx of hallux 16.Distal phalanx 17.Middle phalanx 18.Proximal phalanx 19.Interphalangeal articular joint surface 20.Articular surface of first metatarsal head 21.Ungual tuberosity 22.Bony projection of phalanx base 23.Groove of metatarsal head 24.Lateral tubercle of metatarsal 25.Peroneous longus tendon insertion 26.Styloid process of 5th metatarsal (5th metatarsal base) 27.Cuboid groove for … Continue reading Anatomy – Dorsal View of Foot