Clinical Skills

Shoe Anatomy

Start learning the inner makings of the shoe and the terms to identify each piece.

Anatomy Of A Dress Shoe

Identify each section of the typical “going-out shoe” for special events.

Anatomy Of A Running Shoe

A more active, breathable, stretchable shoe gear that has grown more common in the past 50 years.

The 3 Point Shoe Test

How do you know when a shoe is right for you? Check fore these three steps before purchasing.


Start learning the modifications and styles for custom orthotics.

Orthotic Layers

Identify each layer of an orthotic for better customization.

Offload Padding Cutouts

These are the most custom cutouts seen and applied inside orthotics and shoe inserts.

Taping Techniques

Start learning the appropriate taping techniques for the foot and ankle.

Low-Dye Taping

The basic technique for providing support in the medial arch of the foot.

Turf Toe Taping

Great tapping of the big toe for all athletes, especially football players.

Spica Taping

Taping technique for the small toes when there is pain and subluxation of the metatarsalphalangeal joint.

Runner’s Taping

A complete and thorough taping to prevent blisters for long distance marathon runners.

Splint Application

Start learning the appropriate taping techniques for the foot and ankle.

How to Apply A Cast

It takes a lot of practice to perfect a cast padding technique of the entire foot and ankle.

How to Apply A Splint

There are a few ways to perform this technique, here is the basic understanding of it.