Name That Tool!


1.gloves 2.utility scissors 3.bandage 4.round point skiving knife 5.custom padding 6.Kerlix gauze bandage roll 7.4×4’s (four-by-fours) gauze 8.2×2’s gauze 9.Band-Aid 10.tongue depressor 11.medical tape 12.reflex hammer 13.stretch gauze bandages 14.cotton tipped applicators 15.tuning fork 16.Coflex self-adhesion wrap 17.tweezers 18.nail or bone rasp, double end 19.Excavator Curette, double end w/holes 20.(multiple) scissors 21.Littauer stitch removal scissors 22.(multiple) nail nippers 23.#thetravelingfoot


1.nail or bone rasp, double end 2.Prove and Packer 3.Kelly Forceps 4.Littauer stitch removal scissors 5.Mosquito Forceps 6.Tissue Forceps 7.Splinter Forceps 8.Lister Bandage Scissors 9.Felt Scissors, sharp/blunt point 10.Excavator Curette, double end w/holes 11. Double Action Nail Nipper 12. Nail Splitter 13.Tissue Nipper 14.Nail Clipper 15.Mayo Needle Holder


1.Tissue Nippers 2.Double Action Nail Clippers 3.Nail Clippers 4.Nail Spliter/English Anvil


1.Stethoscope 2.Tractograph 3. 10g Monofilament 4.Blood Pressure Cuff 5.Monofilament (smaller) 6.MiniDoppler 7.Gel for Doppler(applied on skin) 8.Angle finder/Leveler 9.PenLight 10.#thetravelingfoot


1.Coban 2.cotton tip applicator 3.Cotton strip-packing 4.ABD pad 5.Horshoe felt 6.Adaptic 7.Tounge depressor 8.Hammertoe pad 9.Toe spacer 10.Iodine swab 11.Kling 12.Monofilament 13.scissors 14.Currette 15.ACE wrap 16.Blade 17. Felt roll 18.Syringes 19.Silk Tape


1.Silk Tape 2. Coban dressing wrap 3.Kling bandage roll 4.ACE wrap 5.Coban dressing wrap 6.Kling bandage roll 7.#thetravelingfoot 8.Paper Tape 9.Packing strip


1.Hemostats 2.English Anvil nail splitters 3.4×4 gauze 4.Bandage roll 5.Beaver blade handler 6.Toe tourniquet 7.Spatula packer 8.Currette 9.Coban bandage wrap