Admit Order


January 1, 2050
Joe Sample

Admit: Admit Joe Sample to general medicine, floor _______
Resident- Mike R1 (pager #4671)
Attending- Dr. Mallet DPM


Condition: Stable, guarded, Serious, or critical.

Vitals: Check q6h. Call HO if : Temp >38.5C, RR <10, O2Sat <95%, HR <40 or >100, BP >190/100

Allergies: Honey

Nursing: Orders for daily dressing changes including kerlix, Coban, 4×4 gauze.

Diet: Advance liquids to solids

IV Fluids: Lactated ringers @ 50cc/h



  • Nausea– Promethazine 25mg, or Zofran IV 4mg POR
  • Constipation– Colace 100mg, or Sennoides 8.6mg 2 tabs PO q4h.
  • Fever– Acetaminophen 325mg q6h. max 4g/day
  • Itch– Benadryl 50mg PO q6h. max 300mg/day.
  • Anxiety– Ativan 0.5mg PO q4h. max 10mg
  • GERD– Omeprazole 40mg PO qd, TUMS, or Pepsid 40mg PO qhs.
  • DVT Prophylaxis – ASA 325mg, Heparin 5,000 units, or Lovenox 30mg BID. Stop prophylaxis as soon as ambulant.

Activity: Bed rest with bathroom privileges. NWB on surgical site

Xray: Immediate post-op including 3 views, Ap/Lateral/MO of the Left foot at radiology floor.