Skeletal System

Start learning the ligaments, tendons, muscles and bone anatomy of the foot and ankle.

Basic Anatomy of the Foot & Ankle

Overview of the bony anatomy of the foot in AP, Lateral, and Medial Oblique view.

Bones of the Forefoot

Study the Metatarsals, Medial Cuneiform, Intermediate Cuneiform, Lateral Cuneiform, Navicular, and Cuboid.

Bones of the Rearfoot

Study the Talus, Calcaneus, Tibia, and Fibula.

Foot & Ankle Imaging

Study a Skeletal Foot, Xray, and MRI of the foot and ankle.

NeuroVascular System

Start learning the nerve and vascular anatomic system of the foot and ankle.

Vascular System

Study a arteries of the foot and ankle.

Nervous System

Study the unique nerves of the lower extremity.

Vascular Imaging

See arteries through a live aortogram exam.