Classification System


Regnauld/Oloff Classification

Hallux Limitus and Rigidus

Jahss Classification

First MTPJ Joint Dislocation

Stewart Classification

Fifth Metatarsal Base Fracture

Lawrence Classification

Fifth Metatarsal Base Fracture

Rosenthal Classification

Nail trauma and injury

Freiberg Classification

Metatarsal Head Collapse


Quenu & Kuss Classification

Lisfranc Dislocation

Hardcastle Classification

Lisfranc Dislocation

Watson-Jones Classification

Navicular Fracture

Geist Classification

Navicular Accessory Bone


1. Calcaneal Fracture
2. Calcaneal Fracture
3. Talar Neck Fracture
4. Calcaneal Fracture
5. Talar Dome Lesion
6. Talar Lateral Process
7. Talar Fracture
8. Subtalar Joint Dislocation
9. Fibula Fracture
10. Ankle Fracture
11. Medial Malleolus
12. Ligament Tear
13. Ligament Tear
14. Posterior Malleolus
15. Posterior Malleolus
16. Achilles Tendon
17. Physial Fracture


Breslow Classification

Malignant melanoma

Clark Classification

Malignant melanoma

Wagner Classification

Ulcer dept level

Venn & Watson Classification


Davis & German Classification


Weber & Cech Classification


Salter-Harris Classification

Physeal Fracture