Low Dye Taping

Figure 1

Lets begin with the standard taping technique taught in school, the low-dye taping technique seen in Fig 1. First (step 1) is to take a 1 inch tape and tear it vertically in half making sure to cover the 1st and 5th metatarsal heads of the foot, dorsiflex the greater toe to activate the Windless Mechanism. You can use stick spray if you are having trouble for the tape to hold onto the skin. Next, use 1.5-2 inch tape (step 2) and tear vertically to cover the plantar (bottom) aspect of the foot, you will use this to support the arch of the foot. Really try to pull and recreate the arch when you pull medially. Optional you can add a dorsal two ended side of the tape so that your bottom tape doesn’t shift when walking (step 3). Finally, add a second layer of 1 inch tape (step 4) over the tape seen in step 1.