• Dancer’s Pad – a cut out at the big toe joint and sesamoids.
  • Donut Offload – isolated hole pad for ulcers/calluses.
  • Heel Spur Pad – heel lift with cut out hole
  • Horseshoe Pad – a U shaped pad for offloading plantar fasciitis
  • Heel Lift – decreases tension of Achilles insertion seen in equinus.
  • Medial Flange – extension from the heel cup to treat severe pronation.
  • Metatarsal Pad – supports transverse arch of metatarsal heads, placed just behind the ball (metatarsal head) of your 1st and 5th toe.
  • Morton’s Extension – rigid extension to the big toe, decreases/prevents joint movement.
  • Neuroma Pad – teardrop pad to spread the metatarsal heads.
  • Reverse Morton’s – large rectangle pad placed under 2-5 metatarsal heads. This lets the 1st metatarsal head drop and decreases joint compression.
  • Scaphoid Pad – contoured medial arch pad to support low arch foot.
  • Serpentine Pad – combination of horshoe pad and scaphoid pad.
  • Sesamoid Pad – see dancer’s pad.
  • Toe crest – straightens hammer toes when walking.