Tibia and Fibula View

1.Intercondylar eminence 2.Lateral condyle 3.Apex of head, fibula 4.Neck of fibula 5.Lateral Surface 6.Anterior border 7.Medial surface 8.Lateral malleolus 10.Inferior articular surface, tibia 11.Medial malleolus 12.Tibia 13.Medial Border, tibia 14.Posterior surface 15.Interosseous border 16.Groove of insertion of semimembranous tendon 17.Medial surface, tibia 18.Medial condyle 19.Artiular surface Tibial plateau 20.Tibial tuberosity 21.Posterior intercondylar area 22.Soleal line 23.Posterior surface, fibular 24.Articular facet of lateral malleolus